Executive Summary

         The background story is that thousand of years ago when there were no pharmaceutical drugs. The Indian were using biomineral to cure their illness. Herbal remedy is only a subset of biominerals.

       e+nano limited partnership have that first hand experience with biominerals benefits and since then making a lot of research to bring biominerals back to people. Today mineral deficiency is wide spread and being the root cause of many chronic diseases. United Nation called mineral deficiency a hidden hunger where we have enough food not hungry and yet we are still sick. Our body health and dental health need minerals without which we will be sick. Biominerals toothpaste can be used to remineralized some mineral deficiency and vitamin via oral lining and sublingual area.

        e+nano have established a biominerals laboratory and made a very popular Biominerals toothpaste Dark chocolate mint, Sea salt chocolate, Lemongrass, Clove, Frankincense and Agarwood flavor (Oudh flavor) so that mineral can be absorbed via the inner lining of the mouth and gum to help reduced gum disease oral ulcer and reduce a chance of oral tumor. 

        Mineral can be made into many essential products include cosmetics products. Large scale use of biominerals as an industry is what we want to expand our effort globally and we cannot grow to that point with just local market and that why we try to find new market and to cooperate with others. What we are doing now is only a fraction of what biomineral can offer. Biominerals is used in a niche and fast growing area call nutraceutical (Nutrition as a cure of diseases). Many of the world MLM companies are in health, anti aging and cosmetics. We are today focusing our effort in biominerals cosmetics and oral care like remineralizing toothpaste. Opportunity now to cooperate with the other lies in China, Russia and the GCC market.

       Our mineral herbs ayurvedic toothpaste is rich in earth minerals together with natural herbs help reducing plaque, remineralizing your teeth and gum, prevent cavity, gingiva more over modern medicine use biomineral to cure leaky gut syndrome no wonder mouth ulcer disappear one or two weeks after using biomineral toothpaste. Mouth ulcer must be stopped before it become cancerous. It is good for diabetes, free from sugar and no fluoride but it taste good.

     This product is for health enthusiast who care for their health who knows that mineral is essential for life. Biominerals with natural electrolyte ingredient are naturally rich in minerals. This toothpaste is concentrated and need to keep it in your mouth for one or two minutes after brushing to allow for mineral absorbtion therefore it only need half as much as ordinary toothpaste. One tube goes a long way.

   The Innovation of biomineralizing toothpaste break every rules of traditional toothpaste. With innovative nanotechnology, combined with Thai and oriental herbs. Restore the lost minerals essentially through brushing your teeth keep it in your mouth and allow mineral to absorb via the oral lining and sublingual area.