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Biominerals Toothpaste

Signature formula

(Dark chocolate & Mint)


Feel the difference while brushing your teeth with our signature flavor. Biominerals toothpaste is rich in minerals. Tannin in dark chocolate will helps whitening your teeth.

Ayurvedic toothpaste is rich in earth minerals help remineralizing your teeth and gum, prevent cavity, gum disease and stop mouth ulcer good for diabetes, reduce teeth sensitivity.

Dr. Weston Price said your teeth can repair itself like your bones if there is enough mineral. More over modern medicine use biomineral to cure leaky gut syndrome no wonder mouth ulcer disappear one or two weeks after using biomineral toothpaste.

✓ Remineralizing           

✓ Thai Herbal ingredient

✓ Sugar free                   

✓ Fluoride free

✓ Freshening breath       

✓ Reduced dental plaque

✓ Promote healthy gum and teeth

✓ Reduce teeth sensitivity


Mineral herbs toothpaste

Signature imported ingredient

We are manufacturing an OEM for customers who interesting in creating your own brand.

  • Imported Frankincense extracts from Oman
  • Minerals rich
  • Sugar free
  • Fluoride free

Mineral Herbs Toothpaste.

They take minerals away from you but

we bring it back!

After many types of research now Biominerals Toothpaste, the 1st minerals Laboratory in Thailand. You can get the best of minerals and Thai herbals that nourish your gum and teeth. Remineralized your teeth from biomineral extract with natural electrolytes that help absorption through the buccal mucosa.

Break every rules of traditional toothpaste! The craze of putting fluoride overdose in your body itself. With innovative nanotechnology, combined with Thai herbal toothpaste and there it is!  Biominerals” a mineral herbs toothpaste by ENANO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

The biomineralizing toothpaste with mineral-rich and Thai natural herbs. Restore the lost minerals through brushing your teeth.


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(+66) 096-793-1390



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